T-14 Armata New Russian main battle tank

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The new unmanned remote turret would of the T-14 Armata be equipped with new generation of 125mm smoothbore gun with an automatic loader and 32 rounds ready to use. The first scale model of the Armata unveiled in July 2012 showed that the vehicle has a secondary weapon that could be a 57mm grenade launcher mounted on the left of the turret, and a machine gun 12.7 mm mounted on the right side.

Design and protection
The T-14 Armata would be composed of two main parts, the chassis with three crew members and an unmanned remote controlled turret weapons station. There is three hatches at the front of the hull, with with the driver position in the middle. The three-man crew consisting of driver mechanic, gunner and commander are seated in a special armoured capsule, separated by an armoured bulkhead from the automatic loader and turret with externally mounted main armament. The crew compartment will be also isolated from the motor compartment to increase survivability on the battlefield. This design feature makes it possible not only to reduce the silhouette of the MBT and therefore make it less observable on the battlefield, but also considerably enhance crew safety and survivability. The Armata will probably be protected with additional active and passive armour.
Russian T-14 Armata will be equipped with a multifuel Diesel engine developing 1,400 to 1,600 hp. There is information that the Armata would also have electric transmission to reduce weight of the vehicle and increase the use of add-on armour. Suspension consists on each side of seven dual rubber-tyred road wheels.

Standard equipment of T-14 Armata includes probably day and night vision equipment, NBC system, front mounted dozer blade, fire detection and suppression system and a battle management system as modern Russian-made main battle tanks. The new Armata also have latest generation of active protection defensive aids suite. A computerized fire-control system is fitted to enable stationary and moving targets to be engaged with a very high first round hit probability.

Promotional Video 

Russia's T-14 Armata Main Battle Tank Full Concept by zahid ullah

Multirole Armored Vehicle

Country of Origin: Russia
Manufacturer: Uralvagonzavod - Russia
Initial Year  of Service:2018
Production: 2

Focus Model: T-99 Armata (Universal Combat Platform - UCP)
Crew: 3

Overall Length: 0.00 ft (0.00 m)   ???
Width: 0.00 ft (0.00 m)  ???
Height: 0.00 ft (0.00 m)  ???
Weight: 55.1 US Short Tons (50,000 kg; 110,231 lb)

Powerplant: 1 x Multi-fuel diesel engine of unknown mark developing between 1,400 and 1,600 horsepower.

Maximum Speed: 50 mph (80 km/h)
Maximum Range: 326 miles (525 km)

NBC Protection: Yes
Nightvision: Yes

1 x 125mm smoothbore main gun (ATGM support)
1 x 57mm Automatic Grenade Launcher
1 x 12.7mm coaxial machine gun

32 x 125mm projectiles
600 x 57mm grenades (estimated)
1,500 x 12.7mm ammunition (estimated)

T-99 "Armata" - Base Series Designation

T-14 - MBT with 125mm smoothbore main gun

BMPT T-15 - Infantry Fighting Vehicle variant

BM-2 (TOS-2) - Multiple-Launch Rocket System (MLRS) variant.

2S35 "Koalitsiya-SV" - Self-Propelled Howitzer (SPH) vehicle variant.

BREM-T T-16 - Armored Recovery Vehicle (ARV) variant

Operators: Russia


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